Friday, May 14, 2010

What's it like having your favorite author touch your book?

When I found out that Kathryn Stockett, author of THE HELP, was coming to the King's English I did three chair pirouette's followed by the Tiger fist pump and wide, toothy smile. After I read THE HELP, many months ago, I was so sucked in by the writing, character development, distinct voices, and subject matter that I just had to have it signed. So I finally found a way to contact Ms. NYT Bestselling Stockett to see if she would sign my book. She wrote back, classy author alert!, and said she'd send me a bookplate. (another triple chair pirouette)

So you can imagine my little girl-like, wet-your-pants, excitement when she signed my book in person. Other authors may try to pretend they don't have author idols and that they don't even lose sleep the night before their favorite author signing. Yep, okay.

And it gets even better! I'm sure you can also imagine my "is the earth moving under my feet?" excitement when she placed her hand on MY book, A CHILD'S JOURNEY OUT OF AUTISM. See it in the photo? It was the Mardi Gras. It was the first day of school where all three of my kids were IN school. It was a night of ten new 30 Rocks! The day one of my babies was born.

It was Zoo-Wee Mama! (for all you Diary of a Wimpy Kid closet lovers)

*NOTE TO READERS: If you love to read, okay even if you don't, Maw Books - one of the best book bloggers in Utah - posted my author interview and book review on her blog. Also, sorry for the long delay between posts! We're working on some exciting projects for my non-profit, Utah Autism Coalition.

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