Monday, January 7, 2008

Seasons Greetings Delayed

We escaped the holidays unscathed—save the broken vase over Thanksgiving and the holes burned into the backsides of our snow pants from skidding down the sledding hill after flying off our saucers. I haven’t felt the thrill of barreling down a hill that fast since I was probably five, six, or seven, and I’m turning red at having to admit I was trembling in my skivvies at the top looking down.

Judd careened down the hill in his green mini toboggan faster than any almost three-year old should probably go, his head bouncing so hard his teeth chattered all the way to the bottom. His red cheeks glowed through the icy snow that stuck to his face as his lips parted into a smile so big it rivaled the moon behind us. I looked up to see Drew, almost in orbit, slam into a young woman who was obliviously standing in the sled path, knocking her off her feet. I was sure she was unconscious since she didn’t get up for what seemed like a really long time. I lean over and mumbled something like this to Sean, “Helmets might be good next time,” wincing as I witnessed near collisions all around me at speeds of 30+ miles per hour. Ahh, though, the sound of plastic slicing through the snow is a good one. Unless, that is, when the plastic happens to be your front bumper…

I was in a big time hurry, and I couldn’t find a parking space. Finally spotting what looked like a winner I wasted no time. I whipped into it going a little too fast and slammed into the snow bank in front of me forcing the car in an upward position. I attempted to back up, self-conscious now strangers were gawking as the engine revved to over 5 RPM’s. Yet the car still wouldn’t budge. Images of the car stuck on the mound of snow with all tires spinning freely in the air sent taser-like currents swimming through my limbs. Then I looked down at the dashboard and realized I was in neutral. I smiled while nodding at the onlookers, then gently slid it into reverse.

On a more serious note, I enjoyed catching up with family on Grandma’s funeral and took comfort knowing that she’s with Grandpa. Brian and Blake get the “Good Guys” award for traveling so far in one day and being there even though it was at a great sacrifice. Mom gets the “I Can Stay Stoic” award for putting up with so much sh** which seems to pile up in suffocating amounts. Kristine and Julie, I don’t know what awards you get. I don’t have enough for everyone.